Welcoming Spring at DLT Vintage and Retro

I've been spring cleaning at Duncan Loves Tess Vintage and Retro, so to speak.  After a long period of inactivity here (my own) and almost a complete month of shut down (my decision), I decided to change things up a bit and get back to work. Part of my inactivity was due to the fact that last summer I was training for a fall marathon, which I competed.  I'll be training for another one this summer, see you in Chicago in October 2017. I'm looking forward to warm weather and being on the road. This time I have promised myself my training won't take over my entire life! The second part of my general business malaise was related to clutter. Every part of my life, my home, my business, my computer, was overwhelming me with stuff. Getting a handle on the home began with getting rid of a few things and a little bit of re-decorating. The business clutter is tougher to deal with but I've always had systems in place for that. My problem is I need to contain the clutter and not drag the mess around with me (just say "NO" to piles of clothes on the dining room table is my new motto!) The last area weighing on me was this website, I didn't want to be here so why would you? I decided to take a break and concentrate on my Etsy shop. What I found was that I missed having control over my own e-commerce site. To make it fun again, I needed to re-think this site.  I decided to change the template and go for a more minimalist theme. Items are still organized by category (type of item or decade) and can be easily navigated with the scroll bar. Since my self imposed break, many business functions have changed here on Shopify, my hosting platform. For one, I can now offer calculated shipping.  I hope you enjoy the new look and keep checking back as I begin to stock this site with many new items. As always, be sure to check out my Etsy shop, and I can be found on Ebay under the name Boutique DLT. Many items are cross listed and can be purchased at either location.

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