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Welcoming Spring at DLT Vintage and Retro

Welcoming Spring at DLT Vintage and Retro

I've been spring cleaning at Duncan Loves Tess Vintage and Retro, so to speak.  After a long period of inactivity here (my own) and almost a complete month of shut down (my decision), I decided to change things up a bit and get back to work. Part of my inactivity was due to the fact that last summer I was training for a fall marathon, which I competed.  I'll be training for another one this summer, see you in Chicago in October 2017. I'm looking forward to warm weather and being on the road. This time I have promised myself my training...

Bringing Vintage To Life At Duncan Loves Tess

A couple of months ago a very good friend of the family and owner of Ashley Elizabeth Photography asked if she could do a fashion photo shoot at my house using vintage dresses from Duncan Loves Tess Vintage & Retro. Well of course I jumped at the opportunity, not only would I be helping Ashley expand her professional portfolio, but I would get to see my dresses on a live model.

Welcome To Duncan Loves Tess Vintage & Retro

After three years of selling vintage clothing on Etsy, we have decided to take the plunge and supplement our Etsy shop with our own website.  This site will give us a bit more flexibility to sell not only our one-of-a-kind true vintage like this 50s novelty print dress, but some vintage inspired and retro pieces as well. We will of course maintain the high standards we hold on Etsy. As you can see from some of our testimonials, we are committed...