The Alluring Madame Gres Teal Dress, 1957

Madame Gres 1957
This photograph of a Madame Gres gown came across my Facebook feed this morning and it just seemed to jump off the screen at me.  For one, I love Madame Gres designs. The sculptural quality of her dresses are amazing and timeless. I love the composition of this photograph, the way the dress dramatically stands out against the dark green forest and that slight hint of blue sky peeking through the trees. There is a slightly sinister quality about the photograph, I get the impression Little Red Riding Hood has grown up and she's about to entrap the wolf. Most of all I happen to love the color of this dress.  To me teal is the perfect color for summer. One of my favorite dresses in my shop happens to be this same exact color. In many ways it is similar to the dress above, the cut is simple and yet sexy and perfect for both a formal gathering or a summer wedding. What makes both dresses spectacular is the way the fabric captures light and the teal changes hue, drawing you into the dress itself. Like the wolf, the dress becomes a trap and it's almost impossible to walk away.

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